Inside the 'fire-breathing tower' recently featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces...

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It's safe to say 2020 is the year of staycations due to the coronavirus pandemic so take a look inside this magical welsh bakehouse which is now available for short stays! This spectacular place has been cleverly designed with some of the best space saving tricks imaginable.

Guy & Tracey from Flintshire, North Wales made a huge impact recently after appearing on 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces' on Channel 4. When the couple set upon the huge task of restoring their bakehouse they didn't choose the conventional restoration route, they decided to combine space age engineering with careful restoration and a fantasy twist.

George Clarke named this remarkable cottage as one of his favourite ever spaces and it's easy to see why. The Dragon Tower may only be 2.6 metres by 3 metres in size but in 6 months they managed to convert their bakehouse to fit a living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom into this space.

The kitchen wall was engineered with a range of pullies and runners enabling it to move out when the bathroom is needed and then it can be pushed flat when to make the kitchen/living space bigger, as seen in the video below.

If the inside wasn't impressive enough, they decided to add a seven-foot dragon to the outside of the building and enlisted the help of award-winning chain saw artist Simon O’Rourke to create this masterpiece. Guy then added a fire-breathing function after Simon had finished the work for a ‘bit of fun’.

The fire-breathing function was originally connected to the doorbell so upon entering you would be greeted with the fire, however they recently said the following on their website 'we made the decision to keep Maggon the dragon as environmentally friendly as a fire-breathing dragon can be, and limit his bursts using our own control box to avoid over use and accidents.'

The Dragon Tower is situated in the Welsh countryside with Chester half an hour away and Snowdonia National Park is less than an hour away making this place the ideal getaway for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a look at the video below to see more or you can catch up with the full episode on All 4.

Click here to stay in this fairytale cottage! Also, head over to The Dragon Tower's Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates.

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